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Narrow Boat

Nano-Pro can insulate all boats and marine vessels with spray foam insulation, whether the interior is made from metal, wood or plastic. We understand the needs of our boat and marine clients and take every building type into account.


Loft Application

Spray Foam can help you to save 50% on your energy bills in comparison to other forms of insulation available. When foam is sprayed, it expands to completely filling all cavities which will prevent infiltration and air leakage into you loft or attic.


Steel Warehouse

Nano-Pro can provide spray foam insulation for many agricultural buildings including barns, crop storage, animal feed, livestock or workshops. Our product can be applied to metal, wood and even stonework.


New home or renovating, the right insulation plays a critical role in the overall comfort of your home. Inefficient insulation affects not only your comfort, but it can also increase heating and cooling bills by as much as 40%.

Residential Builders

Whether you are building a custom home or a production home, energy-efficient Icynene insulation is the right choice for today’s buyers. And our premium products don’t cost as much as you may think!


What makes sustainability and spray foam insulation compatible for architects? According to Energy Star, on average 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted.


Environmental Design
Each year, commercial buildings spend over $100 million in energy costs with around 30% of the energy used being wasted. Leading architectural firms have the power to shape a sustainable future through energy-efficient, sustainable designs and spray foam.
Spray Foam Insulation vs Traditional
Imagine a draft free energy-efficient home. Spray foam expands up to 100 times its original size to fill every corner of a building’s envelope for thermal insulation and air sealing. With traditional insulation, spaces and gaps in homes that aren’t filled can leak enough air everyday to fill two air blimps!
Over 1 Billion Pounds of Spray Foam Sold Worldwide!


+ Homes/Buildings w/Icynene
+3 Billion
Board Ft Sprayed