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What do we do?

We are dedicated to reducing energy consumption in homes and commercial structures. We energy survey for insulation and draught proofing. We also design and install bespoke solar pv panel systems. We’ve been doing this since 2016.

We also offer upgrade maintenance and repair of existing systems including ones not fitted by us.

 With the recent prices changes and no financial Government incentive for solar PV we are aware its can be a major decision, so we also make it our mission to answer questions and provide clear information, with no selling involved!

Solar Battery Storage

Your solar panels can create an outstanding amount of energy for you.  But, if you do not use this energy it is often just flowed back into the grid.   Battery storage changes this.  Your energy is stored and used when you need it most, allowing you to make the maximum savings from your solar energy system.  This is a great step towards energy independance and cuts your reliance on the energy companies.

There are lots of different options to choose from when picking the ideal battery storage for your home.  Get in touch for a free quote and we can talk you through the different options to find the best fit for your and your home.


A huge step towards energy independence, solar batteries let you store up power for when you really need it. Adding battery storage minimises your reliance on the grid, and reduces the money you put in your energy supplier’s pocket. With Energy prices rising and Power Cuts becoming more frequent, batteries are fast becoming a ‘must have’.

Nanopro is often used on garage floors to add additional warmth to the home. Most garage floors are concrete which is porous and as a result allow cold and damp to penetrate. Nanopro will not only prevent the cold and damp but will also offer protection against oil spillages, etc.

Icynene can help you to save 50% on your energy bills in comparison to other forms of insulation available. When Icynene is sprayed, it expands to completely filling all cavities which will prevent infiltration and air leakage into you loft or attic. Choose from our wide range of Icynene spray foam insulation’s for residential applications including:

Where am i losing heat in my home?

Where am I losing heat in my home? It is obviously important to do everything you can to prevent heat loss if you are to save money and improve your homes EPC (Energy Rating). If we can show our customers how to slow down the rate at which heat leaves their homes then we can help save them money.


Nano-Pro Tech wall coating is designed to weatherproof/waterproof the exteriors of buildings without detracting from the natural appearance of the structure. Nano-Pro Tech provides an almost invisible barrier to moisture penetration.


According to the Carbon Trust upgrading insulation and installing appropriate controls can save you significant amounts of money and help cut carbon emissions. Around 60% of a commercial buildings heat is lost through the building fabric.


This state of the art revolutionary product now available in the UK for the first time uses patented Nano Technology in a unique thin clear coating which can be quickly and cleanly applied over interior or exterior surfaces including brick, stone, plaster, painted walls, wood, metal or plastic. Once applied it provides washable, corrosion, weather, UV and water resistant thermal protection equilivent to 70mm of standard external wall insulation..